6-6-2017 Entertainment News Dirt

Cosby Trial Begins, Jerry Lewis Recovering, Pacino As Paterno, Wonder Woman Record, Halle Berry Humor, Chainsmokers Store, SpongeBob On Broadway, Dylan’s Lecture… Read More

That’s entertainment: Spotlighting events throughout the area

Some tips about whatis occurring in the regionis…AUDIO SCENEChorale assists youthful musiciansOne of both leading champions of the Choraleis Youthful Musician Grant may execute in the choral teamis 25th annual Fresh Musician Student Show next Sunday at Religion United Methodist …

‘T’ Entertainment Images Quiz

Is it possible to identify the amusement-associated pictures that start with ‘T’ within the groups given below? Check your understanding with this amusement test to determine the way you do and evaluate your score. Read More