29 School Movies That We Offer an ‘A’ for Entertainment Value

'Dead Poets Society,' 'Mean Girls,' 'Back to School'
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Class is in session. Since they begin to head back to school for another year of fulfilling their brains, legions of kids know this to be accurate.

What goes on in the classroom is only part of the schooling, however. Hollywood has a long history with school with movies, on the screen. And yet one thing is for certain: what occurs at pupils’ desks could propel a tale in the external world.

There’s absolutely no shortage of movies about school. Here’s a glance at only some of the noteworthy ones. Some are classics about, but one thing is for certain: you’re going to receive an education in the history of college pictures.

School Ties (1992)
Anti-Semitism propels this significant drama in a Jewish student (Brendan Fraser) who copes with prejudice. In retrospect, the movie is probably best for starring a pre-famous Matt Damon along with Ben Affleck.

Dead Poets Society (1989)
Among Robin Williams’ signature functions, he stars as John Keating, also a training school teacher whose unorthodox methods and pleas for pupils to think for themselves has tragic consequences.

Old School(2003)
May Ferrell, Vince Vaughn along with Luke Wilson are 30-somethings who begin a fraternity. It is one of Ferrell’s most movies and also the scene.

Class (1983)
Andrew McCarthy, in his movie debut, is a college student with an affair with his roommate’s mom. The roommate is played by an on-the-cusp-of-stardom Rob Lowe. The film was also the first for John Cusack along with Virginia Madsen.

Mean Girls (2004)
Newsflash: high school is cut-throat, what with all the backstabbing and gossiping. A pre-punchline Lindsay Lohan stars as a girl learning just how brutal a location high school could be.

The Principal(1987)
James Belushi is the principal of an inner-city high school determined to clean up stuff. It’s not so straightforward. If it was, there wouldn’t be a picture?

Blackboard Jungle(1955)
Glenn Ford is a World War Two veteran determined to make a difference when he takes a job at a tough inner city school. Was nominated for four Academy Awards.

Dangerous Minds (1995)
Stop us if you’ve heard this before: a military veteran (Michelle Pfeiffer) who takes a job at a rough-and-tumble school encounters a variety of hardships while bent on getting into the students. This drama, based on an actual story, may very well be best remembered for giving us Coolio’s classic “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

Lean On Me (1989)
The trope of a resolute teacher out to clean up a messy urban school continues with this real story of Joe Clark (played by Morgan Freeman), a New Jersey principal who moved to drastic steps to turn around his high school.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off(1986)
Hands down, this is the best picture about playing hooky ever. Ferris, brilliantly played by Matthew Broderick, remains one step ahead of their principal, Mr. Rooney, as he along with his girlfriend and best pal like a day of pleasure when they need to be in school.

Election (1999)
That he’s in this comedy as trendy as Broderick was as Ferris Bueller. He is a high school educator and Reese Witherspoon is an overachieving student who contributes to his own undoing in a student government election.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
Cameron Crowe went undercover to have a glance at what really goes on in high school. The result? Sex, drugs and scalping. This humor is a timeless and features a stellar cast, including prospective Oscar winners Sean Penn, Forest Whitaker plus a subsequently fully unknown Nicolas Cage, in a very little function.

The Breakfast Club (1985)
While managing an proctor, five different pupils are made to pass the time in Saturday morning detention. It is an ’80s classic and underscores just how much manager John Hughes (who also helmed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) known teenagers.

Easy A (2010)
Emma Stone stars as a teenager whose reputation requires a hit after lying around losing her virginity within this modern notification of The Scarlet Letter.

An unabashed pop culture phenomenon with enormous staying power, this timeless musical about summer lovebirds who cries at school plagued  John Travolta, already a star as a result of Welcome Back, Kotter, to superstardom.

College of Rock(2003)
Jack Black won raves for his role as a substitute instructor who turns out a class into a rock group.

Never Been Kissed (1999)
Drew Barrymore plays with a reporter — who was a whole geek in high school — who goes undercover for a story on what the present adolescent scene resembles. Things blow up in her face.

Stand and Deliver (1988)
Are you awaiting Edward James OImos on this listing? Well, your patience has been rewarded. He garnered an Academy Award nomination for his role as Jaime Escalante, the real life instructor who insisted his pupils learn calculus. Yeah, sounds like a snoozer, but it’s actually a movie.

Can’t Buy Me Love (19870
Patrick Dempsey is a huge nerd who longs to be admitted, so he pays a favorite girl to pretend to be his girlfriend. He sees a lesson in what real friendship means later duping his way to the in crowd.

Kindergarten Cop (1990)
Arnold Schwarzenegger is an undercover cop forced to present as a kindergarten teacher. A fish-out-of-water story, this one did not associate a lot with viewers, but at least it gave us the most famous “It is not a tumor!” Line and therefore we can not be too thankful.

Animal House (1978)
College life gets the best treatment in this classic about a fraternity.

Van Wilder(2002)
Ryan Reynolds is a college student who has been in school so long he knows the intricacies of university life to the point he doesn’t want to leave.

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
Long before made geekdom trendy, this humor pitted the socially awkward tri-Lambs from the jock Alpha Betas.

Back to School (1986)
Rodney Dangerfield’s Thornton Melon goes back to school along with his son and a variety of hijinks ensue.

21 Jump Street (2012)
Based on your ’80s Fox show, Channing Tatum along with Jonah Hill play cops who have to go undercover at a high school to break up a drug ring. The humor spoawned a successful sequel which took place at a school and is one of the greater adaptations of a TV show.

Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
Cut from exactly the identical fabric as Dead Poets Society, Julia Roberts plays with a teacher at a 1950s girls school who makes her students wonder the functions they are predicted to fill.

Higher Learning (1995)
This tense ’90s drama explores issues of race, anti-Semitism and sex on a school campus. In the modern political climate, it’s still important.

Real Genius (1985)
Val Kilmer headlines this comedy about a group of brilliant school students who find they are constructing a weapon for army usage.

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