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A boot camp for teens may seem a little harsh. However, as a former educator, I can tell you that I believe them to be a good temporary solution to address certain issues. In a past article, I wrote about a teenager that was convicted for and spent time in a juvenile detention for animal cruelty, of a grotesque nature I might add. I talked about how educators didn’t even know how to look at or approach the teen properly, much less provide what he needed.

I was seriously looking at a teen who was lost in our educational system in the US and would soon graduate, with a high chance of moving on to commit more crimes. Just exactly what were we expected to do? In my interactions with the teen, it is my opinion that Alternatives4teens offers various boot camp programs that would have been a decent option for him.

No, these boot camps do not provide a nurturing environment. Yet, troubled teens who are lost and committing crimes often need two things, for starters. They need discipline, and they need that discipline provided by people that genuinely care for them. Sometimes the window can be closed for a variety of reasons when it comes to logical opportunities for parents and school faculty to provide that type of environment.

It is nurturing in its own way, and a boot camp environment for teens might just turn troubled youth around. It is sad that so many teens run into problems growing up that misdirect them and send them down a self destructive path. They need guidance, direction and discipline. Maybe you are considering whether or not a boot camp atmosphere would be good for your teen. It can be a very difficult decision to make, and there is plenty of judgment to go around on all sides. So let’s leave the judgment off the table and do what is best for the person.