Know About Everence Tattoo

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Everence is a combination of two words: Forever and reverence, and if you do a little research on it, you will see that there are two companies that have the same name, with each having a totally different business than the other.

While the first Everence provides financial service to churches and churchgoers in the United States, the second Everence offers something in the way of deep connections.

If you fancy getting a tattoo, you can deepen your experience simply by adding the DNA of your loved one or your pet to the ink. If that sounds like a sound byte from the future, we’re here to tell you that the future is here now. But how does it work? Read below to know.

First, go to the website on and order a DNA extraction kit. At the time of this writing, the kit is being sold at the special price of $390, and there’s no telling when the price will go up. Anyway, once you have completed the extraction, you send it to Everence and wait for the end product to arrive. The end product, in this case, is a powder form that contains polymers that contain the DNA samples you sent. You then take the powder to your favorite tattoo artist and mix it in ink. If the tattoo artist freaks out and refuses to mix the powder and show him the website.

The technology for making Everence is relatively new. The company only started to market its services publicly in 2016. It’s only 2018 at the time of this writing. The product is a collaboration by scientists, tattoo artists, and a retired Navy Seal.

When you order the DNA extraction kit, you can expect for the box to arrive within 14 days of payment. As for the powder, it arrives within 90 days upon sending it to the address indicated on the website.

There was a time in the past when people got a tattoo to keep their loved ones really close. That closeness is taken up a notch with the DNA mixed into the ink. The process of turning the sample DNA into powder form is a complicated process that involves cleaning the sample, enlarging it, and putting into a medical polymer. When the micro-encapsulation process is completed, the polymer is cleaned for safety purposes.

If you are going to order the extraction kit, there are a few things you need to take care of, the most important of which is that one kit is only good for one person. If you want both your parents to be in your tattoo, you have to order two kits.

Also, current technology only allows for the DNA of living persons and pets to be extracted. It cannot extract DNA from a recently deceased person and animals, although there is no telling when it might happen in the future.

In any case, Everence is safe to use and you should get a kit while the price is still low.