Froglife Songs


 frog with earphonesLove the Toads (Warts and All) by John Shuttleworth

In 2013 cult comic John Shuttleworth (otherwise known as Graham Fellows) penned   the beautiful ‘Love the Toads’ tune for Froglife later falling for all our species. John also performed a fundraising gig for us and raised a great sum to assist our work.

Perform with the John Shuttleworth tune about the SoundCloud site here

Froglife by Zamba

The Froglife team proved quite excited to hear that a song was composed in their honor! Zamba, a reggae/carnival band, got in touch to say they’d read about our job encouraging Toads on Roads near their foundation in North Devon and were inspired to write a tune. The Froglife tune is a very happy, bouncy tune, that is very catchy.

Zamba formed in 2000 and play a mixture of reggae, carnival and ska design music. The CD featuring the Froglife monitor is the first all original EP.

Purchase the Zamba cd in our online shop here

Download the Froglife tune (79p/89p):
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Download the Froglife EP (Number4.45):
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