Surestop: A Better And Modern Alternative To The Stopcock Plumbing Appliance

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The adage that necessity is the mother of invention hold true when it comes to Surestop. Surestop is a modern take and solution on how to regulate the flow of water to properties, whilst at the same time reducing the deficiencies suffered by the stopcock. For decades since the invention of the stopcock, this Plumb Spares Direct has been the typical appliance used to turn on and off the supply of water from the mains.

Granted that the stopcock has performed well, it has had its shortcoming. One apparent shortcoming is the high frequency of seizing up, necessitating the installation of a new one. Another issue the inaccessibility of the device. Due to the nature of plumbing, the device is installed in unreachable places.

The Surestop was developed to solve these and many more issues that property owners had to endure by using the stopcock. Surestop is a maintenance-free (it does not seize), easy to install and easy to use alternative to the stopcock. Crucially the device is designed to offer improved accessibility to the main water shut off valve.

To improve the accessibility of the main water shut off valve, the Surestop system comes with a simple lockdown button that cuts the supply of water. To further improve the accessibility to Surestop, homeowners can opt for the Surestop model that comes with a remote switch, which you can install in an easy to reach place. Additionally, homeowners need not worry about power consumption in operating the switch as Surestop operates without the need for batteries or electricity.

Another aspect that Surestop comes with as an improvement over the traditional stopcock is improved resistance to limescale. Traditional metal based stopcocks are susceptible to the wear caused by scale build up. By negating scale build up, Surestop has a long life.